Measuring the Wind Speed

Posted on July 27th, 2013

High winds can damage the surroundings, including your property, the trees, and other establishments. This is why most people measure it using a weather meter for preventive measures. It also helps them decide if it’s safe to perform specific activities. Here are some tools you can use to measure the wind speed:
For centuries, many people have been using anemometers to observe and measure the pressure and velocity of the wind. These include the Hemispherical Cup Anemometer by John Thomas Romney Robinson of Ireland, which is the most widely used device today. It has small metal cups of spherical sets that catch the wind and revolve around a certain direction on a vertical rod.
The spin cycles or revolutions are what people will use to calculate the velocity of the wind. They record the revolutions in a given period to get an accurate measurement. At present, it has become a device that can measure the wind speed and pressure, sound waves, and electric currents.

Wind Meter
Portable versions of wind meters are for people who are always on the go. These measure the current wind speed, average wind speed, or maximum wind gust immediately. Advanced versions include environmental reading features, such as for the temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, altitude, crosswind, headwind and tailwind, wind chill, heat index, and dewpoint. This handheld device is beneficial for:
-        Agriculture, aviation, and military operations
-        Hang gliding, sailing and yachting, parachuting, and sky diving
-        Construction of buildings and other establishments
-        Firearms Competitions, like sniper training
-        Outdoor camping
-        Emergency Rescue Services
Wind Profilers
This measures the direction, velocity, and intensity turbulence of the wind. It can calculate the atmospheric pressure of wind energy. This is beneficial for nuclear plants and helps pilots detect air pockets when flying.
Measuring the wind’s energy can help you find out if it’s safe to perform tasks or not. These measurements also help industries increase their productivity. Look for manufacturers, like Weather Hawk, for a wide selection of portable wind meters and environment sensors.

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